Sunday, April 1, 2018

New book on the way from Maida Heatter!

A commenter brought my attention to an article that appeared in yesterday's New York Times. It discusses Maida Heatter's rise to fame and features her recipe for 62nd St. Lemon Cake. At 101, she still resides in Miami Beach and is currently working on a compilation of her fan's favorite recipes with her niece. The book is to be published in the summer of 2019!


Elizabeth said...

That is crazy! Having just relocated across the country and settled into a small, old bungalow with a great stove, I was just thinking about Maida Heatter in the last couple days....and trying to think how old she must be, considering I was directed to her books by a manager of our local coop in the early eighties!
Why am I am not surprised that she's still going strong!
Thank you for the heads up!

Irma said...

What a great news!!! I’m a big fan of Maida and I own almost all her books! I’m really happy that she’s fine and writing a new book!
Irma from Italy :)

Recipes Lost said...

We sent you the NYT article, our pleasure. Btw Maida resides In Miami Beach not Palm Beach like you wrote. The same home from which she authored all of her lovely cookbooks.

Anonymous said...